Farrar/Krämer Komedi

Farrar Krämer Komedi was formed by Achim Krämer and Robert Farrar in 2018 with the goal of bringing you brilliant new plays in the age-old tradition of anarchic queer comedy.

The Picture of Lady Barbara

Nervous young aristocrat Sir Bryan brings his pretty new bride Sybil back to his crumbling family home on a remote island off the coast of England in 1938. But on the wall is a portrait of Bryan’s previous wife, so lifelike that its eyes seem to follow you around the room. Bryan gives Sybil a set of house-keys, but forbids her ever to enter one particular room…

This witty horror-farce is a mixture of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca and the legend of Baron Bluebeard, with a 60s British horror-movie dénouement.

A glossary of unusual words will be provided for non-English- speakers.
Cast: Tom Eggert, Achim Krämer, Zofia Huddon, Robert Farrar

Running time: 2 hours including interval